Increase Safety with Risk Management Services

Risk management is an integral part of our snow service program. During the winter season, our entire team is on call 24/7 to battle Michigan’s unpredictable winter weather and keep our client properties safe.  On a daily basis (7 days per week from November through April), our supervisory team performs overnight weather monitoring and early morning site visits to ensure clear and safe conditions.

To assist with mitigating your winter safety risks, our team performs the following as part of our snow service program:

  • Routine communications with client’s before and during snow events
  • Dedicated Quality Control Manager for every client site
  • Create site specific color coded maps for operational effectiveness and snow storage
  • Strategic snow placement to reduce melting & refreeze in high traffic areas
  • Maintain detailed records including weather data & service description for every event

Supplementary services can include:

  • Daily site safety review
  • Utilizing snow fence barriers in high wind areas
  • Maintaining salt storage bins at client door entrances
  • Excess snow relocation
  • And much more


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